How Open My Hotmail Account?

If you own a Hotmail account for several years, you might be someone who uses the account regularly or has not been accessing it for a while. If you have a valid Hotmail account it is advisable that you keep it active by logging into it from time to time. You will find the following benefits:

  • You can arrange the mails that are in your inbox and other folders. Clearing up the excess mails in your folders will help to streamline your Hotmail account.
  • There have been several changes introduced in the new web mail layout. Millions of Hotmail users can continue to find their old and new mails in their inbox as well as avail of the new features of Microsoft Outlook.


  • Logging into your account regularly will help to keep the account active. When a Hotmail account becomes inactive, you need to provide extensive information to reactivate the account once again. Login Page

Today when an existing Hotmail user wishes to access their Hotmail account they are redirected to outlook domain:

  • When one wishes to access their Hotmail account they would be redirected to
  • Here they will find an integrated login panel.
  • This login panel is for all members of Microsoft services that might pertain to users of Hotmail, Outlook, Skype, Xbox and others.
  • Here you need to start by typing in your username or email address in full.


  • The next field to enter is your password.
  • You can also choose to save your login details with the check box option given. Sign In

Steps to Hotmail sign in

The fist thing you need to understand before attempting to sign into Hotmail is that this email service has now been changed to Even though it is changed, old users of Hotmail can still sign in using their Hotmail credentials. Even Microsoft allows you to create a Hotmail account or an MSN account through the service. Also, with this single Hotmail account, you can now access all the services offered by Microsoft on the web like OneDrive, Bing, Skype, Xbox Live, etc.


  • Visit the Hotmail main page website by typing or clicking on this link
  • You will be directed to the sign in or sign up page of the
  • In the first type box you see on the screen, you need to type in your username or email address which will be
  • Once you have completed filling the username, the cursor has to be moved on to the next type box. This is the place to enter your password.
  • Make sure you enter the password and the username exactly the same that you had used to create the Hotmail account. If one character is wrongly typed or arranged, Hotmail inbox access will be disallowed.
  • Once both fields are keyed in properly, click on the sign in option and you will be directed to your Hotmail inbox.