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Tips To Sign In Hotmail Account

When it comes to signing into your Hotmail account, if you have not been using this account for some time, you might wonder what kind of problems you might face. Indeed, many accounts become inactive when users do not log into them regularly.

If your Hotmail account has become defunct it might be difficult to simply log into it again. Again, a defunct account also becomes easy prey to spamming and hacking attempts.For these reasons you need to keep your Hotmail account active by regularly signing in. At the same time, signing in the right way will help you keep your account secure from unwanted privacy invasions.

Today’s signing into Hotmail account will need you to go through the following steps:


  • Hotmail has become part of the Microsoft Outlook service. Even if you type in you will be redirected to this domain.
  • Here you will find a login panel for all Microsoft email service users.
  • You need to type in your entire Hotmail address in order to gain access to your Hotmail account.
  • The password would remain the same as you used for your Hotmail account.

Hotmail Sign In

How to sign into Hotmail?

If you are worried about how to sign into Hotmail, then it is a simple and easy job. The only difference here is that you will now be making use of the login page to sign into Hotmail than the Hotmail sign in page. Everything else is the same as before. The following is the procedure to sign into Hotmail inbox.

  • Visit the sign in page using your favorite web browser.
  • You can also type in the address bar of the web browser and you will be directed to the sign in page.


  • At the sign in page, you will see a type field with email, phone or Skype name written inside.
  • Click inside this box and type in your Hotmail email address. It is important that you type the whole email address that ends in as you want to login to Hotmail inbox.
  • Once done, click on the ‘next’ option just below the type box.

Hotmail Login Tips To Access

Hotmail login

You cannot use your Hotmail email address by visiting you will be directed to for the login process. You can use your Microsoft account to sign in to your Hotmail account. You need to enter your username for your Microsoft or Hotmail account and the password for your account in the fields provided on the login page. After entering the username and password you need to click on the sign-in field to gain access to the account.


Tips for secure login

  1. To make the sign in process secure you need to follow certain tips while accessing the Hotmail account. You should not use any links from emails and newsletters to do the login. Always type the URL in the search area of your browser. You can use the URLs or to access your Hotmail inbox.
  2. Changing your password for the email account once in a while help to keep the email account safe. You can also set the password to automatically expire after every 72 days. You can use the manage password option to set the expiry period of your password.