Procedure To Access Hotmail Email

If you owned a Hotmail account before and use it from time to time, you would probably have known by now that users of this domain have to access their account through Hotmail has been a pioneer in web based email and today it has millions of users who have been faithful users of this service from the late nineties when it was first introduced.

If you have the Hotmail account still, you need to now access it through the new web mail client interface of Microsoft.

4The changes are as follows:

  • Hotmail domain has been merged with This is the new domain where you need to go in order to access your Hotmail account.
  • Hotmail users will find the login panel on the main page of
  • Here one needs to type in the username as the whole email address.
  • The password remains the same as the one used to sign into the existing Hotmail account before.

Once these details are correctly filled, one will find their old Hotmail account intact, but with a new look and interface as well as new features to use. Indeed, with the modern outlook main interface those who access their Hotmail will find several benefits and conveniences in communication:

  • Design features of the new web mail resemble Office 365.
  • The user interface has an attractive look and feel and is intuitive and easy to understand for new users.
  • The inbox has several handy organizational features. For instance, the Clutter folder will help you clear away messages that are not urgent. They become part of a secondary inbox. There are new themes added which can help you change the look and feel of your inbox from time to time.
  • The search function has been improved as well, allowing one to find old emails easily through this feature. Bing Maps have been integrated with the service and you will find meeting planners and reminder tools as well.
  • Several Microsoft services are now associated with your account. With your existing Hotmail account, you will get access to a personalized account on Skype as well as get your social media accounts like Facebook integrated with your Hotmail inbox. This makes all kinds of communication easier and seamless as well.
  • Sharing files as well as safe upkeep of your files and folders is easy with your account that comes integrated with OneDrive.

For the above reasons and features you have all the reasons to regularly access your Hotmail email. If you have a problem signing in the following options are available to you:



  • When you come onto do not get confused with the new web mail interface. The only difference lies in the username field where you need to key in your entire email address instead of only the username as you may have done before in the dedicated Hotmail domain.
  • The password field would require the same input as before.

In case you have a problem signing in that could be due to the following reasons:

  • You have forgotten your username or email address for Hotmail.
  • You have forgotten your Hotmail account password.
  • Your account has remained inactive for long.

The above reasons could pose a problem when you wish to access your Hotmail account. For recovering your account access the following steps would be provided to you:

  • There would be link below the login panel to recover your account password or other details.
  • In case your account has become inactive, you need to follow the steps that would be given as a link.
  • The password recovery process is easy if you remember the alternate email address you provided. Here a reset link would be mailed to you. Clicking on this link you will be taken to the page where you can reset your password.
  • In case you need to activate your account, you would be asked to answer certain questions to which you had provided answers to at the time of signing up for a Hotmail account. If you answer these questions correctly, your account will be activated successfully.


The above information will help you recover your Hotmail account access in case you have problems logging in. You will also be able to make use of the new web mail interface when you reach your inbox.

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