Benefits About Hotmail Account

General benefits

  • Hotmail account offers a great number of features and benefits irrespective of which domain you use to login to your mail account.
  • Using Hotmail for your mailing needs is a cheaper and simpler option when compared to using the various email applications.
  • The email interface is very simple.
  • There is no need to have a configured e-mail program when you are accessing the emails using a Hotmail account as it relies on open-web based technologies. The user just needs a web browser to access the Hotmail account.
  • This is a completely free service as it is supported by advertisers.
  • The POP access offered by Hotmail is very convenient.


  • It is possible for the users to send and receive attachments using this mail account.
  • Hotmail migration to provides enhanced security features. It is easy to scan and locate the viruses, prevent spam and phishing attempts using Hotmail.
  • Fasting searching of emails is possible.
  • You can personalize your account handling according to your requirements.
  • In case you experience any difficulties in using your Hotmail account, you can get the support of technical team or the policy enforcement representative to solve your issues.

Hotmail Sign Up

How to create Hotmail account?

Creating a Hotmail account is very simple and will just take a few minutes. You will have to fill in a detailed form that would ask you a few personal questions, security info and a verification code after which you will be allowed to create your new Microsoft Hotmail account. The account creation process is as follows.


  • Visit the or page using your favorite web browser.
  • You will be directed to the Microsoft Create an Account page. You will find a pre-defined form in this page that you need to fill to create a new Hotmail account.
  • The first entry you need to make in this form is your last and first name. There will be two types’ boxes for entering these details. Key the first and last name correctly in their respective boxes.
  • The next portion to fill will be the username or your email address and your Hotmail password.
  • The first option is for the username and you will have to opt for the domain as you are looking to create a Hotmail account. The username can be anything that you like. Type them in the space provided. If the name has already been taken up, then Microsoft will prompt you to key in another user name.
  • The next option is for the password. Key in a strong password that includes alpha numbers and special characters so that it cannot be hacked easily. The password must have a minimum of 8 characters and it is also case sensitive. Sign In

Steps to Hotmail sign in

The fist thing you need to understand before attempting to sign into Hotmail is that this email service has now been changed to Even though it is changed, old users of Hotmail can still sign in using their Hotmail credentials. Even Microsoft allows you to create a Hotmail account or an MSN account through the service. Also, with this single Hotmail account, you can now access all the services offered by Microsoft on the web like OneDrive, Bing, Skype, Xbox Live, etc.


  • Visit the Hotmail main page website by typing or clicking on this link
  • You will be directed to the sign in or sign up page of the
  • In the first type box you see on the screen, you need to type in your username or email address which will be
  • Once you have completed filling the username, the cursor has to be moved on to the next type box. This is the place to enter your password.
  • Make sure you enter the password and the username exactly the same that you had used to create the Hotmail account. If one character is wrongly typed or arranged, Hotmail inbox access will be disallowed.
  • Once both fields are keyed in properly, click on the sign in option and you will be directed to your Hotmail inbox.

Old And New Hotmail Inbox

Features of new Hotmail inbox

There are plenty of new features that are added to the new Hotmail service to make it a complete package. Some of the interesting features that you will come across in the new Hotmail and are not offered in the older version of Hotmail are:


Keyboard shortcuts

A wide range of keyboard shortcuts is supported by hotmail service. The list of the full shortcuts on offer for the new Hotmail can be checked out at the Microsoft website.

  • In order to activate the keyboard shortcuts for the new Hotmail inbox, you will have to visit the More Mail Settings option from your inbox.
  • In the options, click on the Keyboard shortcuts and choose a mode that you would like to use from the options available.
  • You need to switch on the Outlook and Outlook Web Access option to launch the keyboard shortcuts for your Hotmail inbox.