How Open My Hotmail Account?

If you own a Hotmail account for several years, you might be someone who uses the account regularly or has not been accessing it for a while. If you have a valid Hotmail account it is advisable that you keep it active by logging into it from time to time. You will find the following benefits:

  • You can arrange the mails that are in your inbox and other folders. Clearing up the excess mails in your folders will help to streamline your Hotmail account.
  • There have been several changes introduced in the new web mail layout. Millions of Hotmail users can continue to find their old and new mails in their inbox as well as avail of the new features of Microsoft Outlook.


  • Logging into your account regularly will help to keep the account active. When a Hotmail account becomes inactive, you need to provide extensive information to reactivate the account once again.

For all the above reasons you would do well to sign into your existing Hotmail account from time to time.

If you are about to sign into your Hotmail account, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the domain which is the new merged domain for all Microsoft email services.
  • Here you will find a login panel for all email services of Microsoft.
  • By typing in your full email address and password you can gain entry into your existing Hotmail account.

Once you have come onto the inbox page you can then proceed to work on your emails. There are several new features to allow you to rearrange your emails, connect with Facebook contacts, and use Skype and other features. You can choose to stay logged into your Hotmail account if you access the account through your personal computer. It is also possible to download the Outlook app and access your email account on your phone or tablet.


In case you have problems logging in, there are a number of ways to recover your account information:

  • Below the login panel you will find the link to recover account password. In case you have forgotten your account details you can click on this link.
  • You will be taken to a page where you need to enter the alternate email address you provided at the time of joining up.
  • Here you will be sent a reset link for creating a new password for your account.
  • In case you have forgotten your email address you would be prompted to answer the secret question that you had chosen or provided answers to at the time of signing up.

These are ways you would be directed in order to recover your sign in details for your Hotmail account. Once you have successfully recovered your password and reopened your account, you need to update certain information in the security settings panel of your account:

  • Enter a valid phone number. This is an additional requirement for all modern email accounts. When you provide the same you would be sent a security code as a text every time you wish to log into your account. This will help you recover your account details. Also, if you activate the two step verification process, you will get a code every time you wish to log in and use your account.8
  • Update your alternate email address information. This is necessary in case you have lost or forgotten your password and need to get a reset link to create a new one.
  • Update the security questions and answers. This is also mandatory in the new email domain as a means to recover your account information.

The above measures will help to safeguard your sign in process for the future as well.

Hotmail users have to get used to the new Outlook domain that has been introduced by Microsoft. Indeed, from the time Microsoft took over Hotmail there have been several changes that it has introduced. It was initially made part of the MSN range of services. Then again, a further integration effort brought Hotmail into the Microsoft Live domain. The final change has been when Outlook has been made a web based email service and Hotmail has been merged with this service.

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