Old And New Hotmail Inbox

Features of new Hotmail inbox

There are plenty of new features that are added to the new Hotmail service to make it a complete package. Some of the interesting features that you will come across in the new Hotmail and are not offered in the older version of Hotmail are:


Keyboard shortcuts

A wide range of keyboard shortcuts is supported by outlook.com hotmail service. The list of the full shortcuts on offer for the new Hotmail can be checked out at the Microsoft website.

  • In order to activate the keyboard shortcuts for the new Hotmail inbox, you will have to visit the More Mail Settings option from your inbox.
  • In the options, click on the Keyboard shortcuts and choose a mode that you would like to use from the options available.
  • You need to switch on the Outlook and Outlook Web Access option to launch the keyboard shortcuts for your Hotmail inbox.

Sweep emails

Another interesting feature offered on the new Hotmail inbox is the sweep feature that allows you to keep your inbox clutter free and tidy. If you are receiving unwanted emails like sales promotion for a shorter period of time or some junk emails, by activating the sweep emails feature the older version of the emails get automatically cleared out when the new ones arrive. You will only get to see the latest mails from a particular sender in your inbox.6

  • The sweep option can be set up by clicking on the sweep button you find on the new Hotmail inbox toolbar.
  • Move on to Schedule cleanup option in the sweep feature and you will come across a few options here.
  • By choosing the ‘only keep the latest message from this sender’ option, only the latest messages from a particular sender will be shown in your inbox.
  • You can choose the option to ‘delete all messages older than 10 days’ and every message more than 10 days will automatically get deleted.
  • There is also another option to move all the messages that are older than 10 days to a particular location you choose, click on it to activate this sweep feature.

Mailing large attachments

If you want to try to send a large attachment to your friend or business client, then you can do it easily through the new Hotmail inbox. As the Hotmail is integrated with the SkyDrive, the large file will be uploaded to SkyDrive and you can send the email to your friend with the SkyDrive link. This way you can send large files to more people. You also will be able to send mails with large file attachments to contacts that do not have lots of space left in their email inbox. This feature can be activated by clicking on the Attachments link that you find on the more mail settings screen.

Email aliases


You have the option to create different email addresses that will all come and end up in your Hotmail inbox. You need to click on the gear icon that you see on the Hotmail inbox page. It will be on the top right corner of the page. Choose the more mail settings option and then opt for the ‘create an outlook alias’ option that you will find under the Manage your account option. This is a very useful for people looking to have different addresses for different things like one email address for online shopping, one for receiving promotional emails, one for job search, etc.

Hotmail has gone through a lot of changes in the past decade from getting integrated into the MSN homepage to the Windows Live page and finally been changed to outlook.com. There is no Hotmail service on offer, but still people can sign in to their Hotmail account through the outlook.com website. The upgrading of Hotmail to the new outlook hotmail has offered the users a plethora of new and easy to use features that makes Hotmail user friendly. Now, outlook.com is the free web-based email client on offer from Microsoft and there are millions and millions of users all over the world enjoying the new features offered on the new Hotmail. All Hotmail users have been migrated to the new outlook.com service.

With so many new features, the new Hotmail inbox offers you quick, easy and effortless emailing.

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