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Procedure To Access Hotmail Email

If you owned a Hotmail account before and use it from time to time, you would probably have known by now that users of this domain have to access their account through Hotmail has been a pioneer in web based email and today it has millions of users who have been faithful users of this service from the late nineties when it was first introduced.

If you have the Hotmail account still, you need to now access it through the new web mail client interface of Microsoft.

4The changes are as follows:

  • Hotmail domain has been merged with This is the new domain where you need to go in order to access your Hotmail account.
  • Hotmail users will find the login panel on the main page of
  • Here one needs to type in the username as the whole email address.
  • The password remains the same as the one used to sign into the existing Hotmail account before.

Hotmail Activate 2-Steps

The main change comes in the way Hotmail account is accessed. If you are looking to log into your existing Hotmail account the steps below need to be followed:

  • Log onto The domain has been merged with the same and you will be redirected to this domain address for logging into your Hotmail account.
  • The login panel is common for Outlook and Hotmail users.
  • You need to key in your entire email address in the username panel and your password in the password field.
  • You can opt to remain signed in by clicking the option provided. This will ensure that you need not sign in every time you wish to access your Hotmail account.


The above steps will help you come onto your Hotmail account page. In case you are concerned about the safety and security of your inbox, you can make the following changes in the security settings:

  • Update your personal information such as providing a valid and current phone number. This will help to receive a security code as a text message in case you wish to activate the two step verification process during signing up.
  • Update your alternate email address in case the one provided has become defunct.

Benefits About Hotmail Account

General benefits

  • Hotmail account offers a great number of features and benefits irrespective of which domain you use to login to your mail account.
  • Using Hotmail for your mailing needs is a cheaper and simpler option when compared to using the various email applications.
  • The email interface is very simple.
  • There is no need to have a configured e-mail program when you are accessing the emails using a Hotmail account as it relies on open-web based technologies. The user just needs a web browser to access the Hotmail account.
  • This is a completely free service as it is supported by advertisers.
  • The POP access offered by Hotmail is very convenient.


  • It is possible for the users to send and receive attachments using this mail account.
  • Hotmail migration to provides enhanced security features. It is easy to scan and locate the viruses, prevent spam and phishing attempts using Hotmail.
  • Fasting searching of emails is possible.
  • You can personalize your account handling according to your requirements.
  • In case you experience any difficulties in using your Hotmail account, you can get the support of technical team or the policy enforcement representative to solve your issues.

Old And New Hotmail Inbox

Features of new Hotmail inbox

There are plenty of new features that are added to the new Hotmail service to make it a complete package. Some of the interesting features that you will come across in the new Hotmail and are not offered in the older version of Hotmail are:


Keyboard shortcuts

A wide range of keyboard shortcuts is supported by hotmail service. The list of the full shortcuts on offer for the new Hotmail can be checked out at the Microsoft website.

  • In order to activate the keyboard shortcuts for the new Hotmail inbox, you will have to visit the More Mail Settings option from your inbox.
  • In the options, click on the Keyboard shortcuts and choose a mode that you would like to use from the options available.
  • You need to switch on the Outlook and Outlook Web Access option to launch the keyboard shortcuts for your Hotmail inbox.