Benefits About Hotmail Account

General benefits

  • Hotmail account offers a great number of features and benefits irrespective of which domain you use to login to your mail account.
  • Using Hotmail for your mailing needs is a cheaper and simpler option when compared to using the various email applications.
  • The email interface is very simple.
  • There is no need to have a configured e-mail program when you are accessing the emails using a Hotmail account as it relies on open-web based technologies. The user just needs a web browser to access the Hotmail account.
  • This is a completely free service as it is supported by advertisers.
  • The POP access offered by Hotmail is very convenient.


  • It is possible for the users to send and receive attachments using this mail account.
  • Hotmail migration to provides enhanced security features. It is easy to scan and locate the viruses, prevent spam and phishing attempts using Hotmail.
  • Fasting searching of emails is possible.
  • You can personalize your account handling according to your requirements.
  • In case you experience any difficulties in using your Hotmail account, you can get the support of technical team or the policy enforcement representative to solve your issues.

The best beneficial features of Hotmail

Convenient folders

The ability to create personal folders in Hotmail mail account helps the user to search the required emails easily when they need a particular mail or message.

Support for Microsoft Office

Editing office documents is made easy as it is possible to open the word documents using the SkyDrive. It is possible to download, edit and upload the document on the cloud again or to send it in the original format using Hotmail. You can enjoy better file compatibility with Hotmail.

Syncs with social media

8Contact management is made easy as the user will be able to sync the Hotmail inbox with all the social media accounts. You can send notifications of social events or birthdays to your contacts in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter using the Hotmail account. You can save the important dates and events in the personal calendar offered by the mail service and there is no need for you to remember the important dates and events. You socialize with the friends and contacts just by staying in a window.

Active sync

This program available to the corporate users of Hotmail account is designed to sync the mail, calendar, and contacts.  With the up gradation, the users of Hotmail can also make use of exchange active sync options.

Sharing videos and files

With SkyDrive, the user will be able to connect to the internet and use it from anywhere.  The user can store 10GB data and get access to the data from any location. It is possible to share the videos and files with your contacts list using this feature.

 The web apps

You can use the various office web programs without installing it on your computer. You will be able to access the web apps online and use it for various individual and group job needs.

Skype integration

It is made easy to connect with the friends using Skype using the inbox by the integration of Skype to outlook from Microsoft. So you have a chat and video tool for better communication with your loved ones.

9Creating aliases

Hotmail through offers the ability to create aliases for your Hotmail or outlook account. With the alias address, your email will show a different email name when using the Microsoft devices. You can have a separate email address for different mailing needs without the need of creating new email Id by entering a different username or password. You can use a single password for your alias addresses.

Connectivity is the greatest advantage of the internet and one can remain in contact with the dear ones and can get updated with the office work or perform business communication using the email accounts. Hotmail is the first internet based free mail provider which allowed the users to come out of the hold of ISP based email services. The user just needs an internet connection and a web browser to login to Hotmail account from anywhere in the world. Today the Microsoft Hotmail accounts have been moved to domain, but the Hotmail users can use the same login credentials to access their emails. Though Hotmail doesn’t offer new email IDs to the users it offers the modern features and benefits through the domain

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